Bridging the Gap Between DIY and Interior Design

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While hiring an interior designer has been the standard for years, and the DIY craze isn’t slowing down any time soon, there might be a fine line that encompasses a little bit of both. Donna Hoffman aka The Interior Design Advocate is empowering people to learn about design concepts and take control of their own spaces through online coaching and courses.


Hoffman is a luxury interior designer from the Philadelphia area who saw a need to fill several years ago when she kept encountering potential clients that wanted to work with her, but didn’t have the budget to do so. “They would feel very disappointed. It would break my heart. I felt I was letting people down,” she says.


Around the same time, Hoffman read a survey on a home improvement website that asked users if they were happy with their home’s décor. “98% of respondents said no,” shares Hoffman, “And a little less than half responded they weren’t even on the right path to having what they want.”

She also saw the rise of DIY bloggers and influencers. “I felt the design lover and the design enthusiast was getting screwed by the total DIY machine. Not intentionally, but really deceived by it,” she explains.