Concrete is a very reliable and durable construction materials used by home construction firms. However, it is only effective when correctly prepared in its right proportion. Beresheet Construction & Design specializes at concrete pouring and all other aspects of home remodeling and restoration. We bring a higher standard of excellence to everything we do, and as a result, we are one of the most experienced companies serving the Los Angeles area. From patios to pools, our concrete team can handle it all


Preparing A Solid Foundation

Concrete is basically used in foundation preparation of a new home, a room expansion, a pool, or a patio. Its role in the stability of a house is second to none, hence, concrete mixtures must be prepared in the right way. Our experience and attention to detail makes our team uniquely qualified to handle every aspect of concrete preparation and pouring.

We also take into considerations, areas and territories that are prone to earthquake or tremor attacks. High quality concrete must be used in order to protect the building against seismic damage. We use materials that are highly rated in order to provide homeowners with the best defenses against these natural occurrences.


Concrete driveway work in California must also withstand the summer heat, so this is a project that is well worthy of a professional designing and building team like us. A driveway can be much more than utilitarian, adding curb appeal to your property and enhancing the aesthetics of your landscaping.

Embedded colors can be mixed into concrete to create custom looks that coordinate with your home’s exterior or provide their own special accent. Brushing and brooming techniques can add texture to further the visual appeal. For patterns, options include geometric tile-shaped designs, organic-shaped stone aesthetics, or sleek modern surfaces.

Pool Decks and Patios

Laying concrete for a patio or deck area can be a great chance to make your yard space more usable and to be creative about arranging your lounging and entertainment options. We can help you decide the placement, design, and materials that will go into a stellar concrete patio or deck.

Planning a concrete patio begins with considering your existing or potential layout options, including which areas have appropriate sun exposure and access to the indoors. A backyard patio can be a basic slab, or the work can involve freeform pouring to create spaces around your landscaping and yard.

Intriguing options for concrete patios include special finishes like a rock salt or broom touch-ups and stone-like stamp designs.

If you have a swimming pool, then a beautiful and functional patio or deck area is a must. Surface texture and other considerations are important to have a safe and enjoyable area that for people to walk around when it’s wet. We can help you determine the ideal look and feel of your concrete patio or deck.

Concrete Flooring

Design technology these days allows for stunning indoor floors crafted with premium concrete and beautiful finishes. Decorative concrete floors offer a more affordable alternative to marble and other high-end flooring, while providing an extremely refined versatile aesthetic. We can help design patterned concrete floors with a variety of designs and limitless combinations of color, texture, and stain.

Garage Floors

We take the same care in our craftsmanship of concrete work for garage floors as we do on any other project. With special epoxy coatings and surface treatment options, your garage floor can be very aesthetically pleasing. Enhance the concrete with paint or quartz accents, and ask about coatings that will improve the lifespan of the surface while protecting against automotive wear and tear and reducing slipperiness.

Concrete Walkways

Great design and razor-sharp installation quality can make concrete walkways an eye-popping addition to your front or backyard. With so many color and finish options, concrete walkways make great options with luxurious looks and long-lasting durability. Here’s a great photo gallery of concrete walkways ranging from minimalist to ornate.

You can create a custom look with finishes, stamped designs, or pouring into patterns. The walkway can feature clean, straight lines, or a custom, freeform approach that draws attention to your landscaping and creates a stunning entryway for family and guests. Another option is to create separated concrete slabs, like stepping stones, that integrate with the surroundings and naturally stand up to high heat thanks to having space to expand in the summer.

Walkways are the first part of your property that feet will touch, and draw the eye toward your front door or backyard patio. It’s important that these paths are highly functional durable, while matching up to high expectations of design quality. That’s where our seasoned experts come in to help you find the perfect look and install it with perfection.

At the end of the day, your home is where you go to recharge your batteries, unplug from the world and spend cherished memories with those closest to you.  You should be proud of every minute detail, room and structure of your property.  Our ambition to help meet and exceed all of your aspirations in achieving functionality and comfort.

At Beresheet Construction and Design we are honored and passionate in the pursuit of these goals every time a client puts this responsibility in our hands.