A fence helps to provide more than privacy. Especially when it comes to the home’s exterior modeling, It offers a pleasing aesthetic that beautifully outlines the perimeter of your yard. Beyond looks, a fence can also give you an added sense of safety and security. Myriad design options and material choices can make the search for the perfect fence confusing, so count on your trusted Los Angeles general contractor at Beresheet Construction and Desing for professional assistance. 

Fencing work requires expert skill and an eye for the best design practices. Homeowners have more options than ever for fencing materials and styles, each with its own merits for looks, durability, and cost. Our team will work with your design goals in mind, as well as any applicable community laws and rules, and ultimately construct a quality fence you can count on maintaining its value for many years to come.

Like any home renovation or construction project, fencing work should start with a budget and then begin exploring material and design options. Our design-build team will work with you to find the perfect touch. Let’s go ahead and review some of the key elements of fencing work that you can begin thinking about.

Durable Material At Your Disposal

Different materials offer different benefits and life expectancies, so it is important to consider your budget and goals. We can help you determine the best material for your needs. Some of the most popular fencing materials include:

  • Garden-style: Garden fencing features metal netting and can be used to create a habitat for vines and other plants while separating parts of your garden and yard or creating spaces for pets.
  • Metal: Metal fences include aluminum and iron, offering the ultimate in long lifespan. From true wrought-iron posts to high-quality welded steel. Many metal fences feature ornate designs with spiked posts and other regal features.
  • Wood: Wood fencing offers the traditional look of home fencing and of course offer a natural material to surround your landscaping. From light shades of pine to rich, deep hues of cedar, redwood and other premium wood, this material offers a great range of colors and grains. Staining and treatment help protect against the sun and weathering and can help achieve a custom appearance. Wood fencing can last decades with proper care and regular re-staining.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl fencing offers high-end appearance and extends the durability of fencing work. Very little maintenance is required for vinyl fences, with occasional, easy washing the only real need, rather than repainting or staining. We can source synthetic fencing with alluring colors built right into the material and designed not to fade.

Our talented team of designers will work with you to determine the best fencing material for your budget and design goals.

Trends in Fencing Design

Long gone are the days of basic wood fencing and uninspired designs. Today’s options are designed to draw the eye in and create an attractive aesthetic. We love the look of classic vertical fencing with custom touches like trellises and arching tops. If you want a modern approach to wood fencing, go with the sleek appeal of horizontal boarding. Metal and iron fencing offer even more flexibility in style, so talk to our design experts for inspiration.

At the end of the day, your home is where you go to recharge your batteries, unplug from the world and spend cherished memories with those closest to you.  You should be proud of every minute detail, room and structure of your property.  Our ambition to help meet and exceed all of your aspirations in achieving functionality and comfort.

At Beresheet Construction and Design we are honored and passionate in the pursuit of these goals every time a client puts this responsibility in our hands.