When it comes to new and eye-catching Los Angeles home design, quality will always be the difference. For this reason, Beresheet Construction and Design always chooses to use the best materials. Whether we are building a room addition for a home office or creating the ideal patio we never compromise on the quality or value of the materials used. This helps ensure that homeowners can enjoy their remodeling choices for many years to come instead of just a handful of seasons. Flooring in particular has to be high quality in order to stand up to the demands of the modern family.

Wood floors are generally easy to take care of with simple wood cleaners, but some need less care than others. Most any wood floor can be refinished numerous times. Many renewable options are available for eco-friendly designing. We can help you source wood flooring certified for sustainability by a recognized group.

Comfort and beauty come packaged together in a wide variety of engineered wood flooring. With real, whole wood on top of a base of plywood or recycled wood fibers. This allows for a perfectly even feeling throughout your floors, while still having natural texture and looks on the surface. Engineered wood floors handle humidity well and are easily maintained. They are perfect for kitchens and basements but look wonderful anywhere in the home.

Highly sustainable thanks to its fast regrowth rates, bamboo offers great appeal for natural homes because of its aesthetics as well. Light and airy in color, bamboo can be used in flooring as flat panels or in a more textural woven format. Bamboo is easily cared for with mild cleaners and may or may not need bamboo oil, depending on the coating of a particular product.

Technology helps laminate flooring look and feel better than ever. Extremely easy to clean and maintain, laminate can also be easily installed with floating tile construction. Laminate gives you a perfect look or wood, stone, or other surface, with a comfortable feel underfoot.

Linseed oil and cork construction makes linoleum one of the most environmentally friendly flooring solutions. If you want custom colors or a special design or pattern in your flooring, linoleum should definitely be in your mix of options. Easily installed and maintained, linoleum handles heavy use well and lets you explore color and pattern creatively.

Made from clay and shale, ceramic offers a variety of texture and finishes and comes in a variety of hues thanks to the pigment dyes to give it signature colors. Choose from more rustic varieties like terra cotta, or a glossier, glazed surface. Custom designs and patterns can be brought to life with ceramic tiles, making it a perfect flooring solution for kitchens and bathrooms.

Get the surface appearance you want along with a cushioned, foam padding underneath with vinyl flooring. In addition to easy installation and cleaning, you can count on quality vinyl to last  for years while providing comfort for your feet.

Available in many colors and textures, with equally as many price points, stone especially looks wonderful in California homes. The cool touch of stone is both refreshing and invigorating in our climate. Softer stones include limestone and sandstone, which feature texture well-suited for kitchens and bathrooms and pleasing appearances for anywhere in the home. Harder stones like granite and marble have been adored throughout history due to their timeless grace and luxurious, iconic image. When choosing stone flooring, be sure to weigh options of texture and sealing and cleaning needs, making sure to invest in the perfect stone for each location in your home.

Perhaps the most versatile and accessible flooring solution, there’s no end to the choices of color, pattern, and texture of carpeting. From the simple joy of a dense wool berber to the luxury of hand-carved or custom-inlaid designs, carpet offers the ultimate in warmth and feel against the skin. Wool carpeting is generally the best feeling and most desirable, but a great range of olefin, acrylic, and other synthetic options can be long-lasting with great stain resistance. Look for density ratings to be a general guide to a carpet’s thickness and durability. While deciding on flooring solutions for a remodel or new construction, remember how both aesthetics and comfort will determine your enjoyment of the floors. Flooring lets you bring together your décor or make a style statement all its own.

Get quality and beauty with Beresheet Construction and Design

New flooring transforms your spaces and can be done in an endless range of aesthetics and costs. From natural hardwoods to distinctive tile and stone options, we help find the perfect complement to your home and install it with long-lasting durability.

At the end of the day, your home is where you go to recharge your batteries, unplug from the world and spend cherished memories with those closest to you.  You should be proud of every minute detail, room and structure of your property.  Our ambition to help meet and exceed all of your aspirations in achieving functionality and comfort.

At Beresheet Construction and Design we are honored and passionate in the pursuit of these goals every time a client puts this responsibility in our hands.


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