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B- General Building Contractor

Licensing Classifications 

Interior Design


From the age of 13 Itamar Cohen began honing his skills and knowledge working on multiple commercial and residential units with his family’s glass business. His experience began studying the structural composition of a multitude and wide range of projects. This consisted of learning planning, installation, managing orders, scheduling and daily factory operations. Itamar worked as a designer at interior furniture factories and designed and built homes for 8 years.


As he matured throughout the years in interior design his artistic acumen for spatial reasoning and 3D modeling blossomed. Over the next eight years he began dabbling in design in the commercial building world as well as within the design and art community where he began to master 3D modeling and reorganizing high quality living spaces. This signifies the starting time in Itamar’s life where he began work as a furniture interior designer. On completion of his time with the furniture company he then went on to work for Leicht Kitchens, creating custom kitchen designs following German quality and specifications. This lead to his work renovating art galleries and redesigning buildings to have a more modern, elegant and artistic feel.


Itamar’s high standards matched his passion and dedication to his craft and began opening doors in different design verticals. He was hired by several design firms and private customers throughout Los Angeles California for 5 years before he decided to open his own firm where he had creative free reign to execute projects in the highest caliber fashion. He has been helping his clientele meet and exceed their goals and expectations for over 8 years and wakes up every morning with passion and excitement to embark on a new project where he can help his customers achieve the vision they have for their properties.