Room Addition

Have you outgrown the spacing capacity of your house, but love its environs?  Don’t worry about moving, we can help design a second story addition to prevent you from losing backyard space and also boost the market value of your house.

First, we extend our deepest congratulations to you, whether you are expecting a new born, achieving a long-term goal or any other joyous reason. It is impressive to expand your home and establish an opening to endless possibilities, and the team at Beresheet Construction & Design can ensure that it is done right. We offer professional Orange County and Los Angeles contractor services that specialize in every aspect of design, remodel, and building. You need us to help you achieve your goal of a high-quality, fascinating addition to your home by establishing a guaranteed Satisfactory partnership, so let us help you achieve that today.

Raise the Value of Your Existing Home with a Beautiful New Addition

Many California residents want to raise the value of their existing home. The team at Beresheet Construction & Design can help you do that while complying with local regulations and working directly with homeowner’s associations. We offer exceptional return rates on your investment, and can turn your Los Angeles room addition into a successful venture of increasing your home’s market value. Here are a few of the room additions that we specialize in.

  • First & Second-Story Additions – We can construct and build from the existing plan or from a well drafted and organized one depending on your choice,as we are all  bout maximum customer satisfaction . Our team will take a look at your current situation and draw up plans for either option to help you make an informed decision.
  • Bedrooms –  The “mother-in-law” bedroom is one of the most popular types of room addition that features a full suite. Beresheet Construction & Design can produce a great number of prospective outcomes, including home office plans.
  • Bathrooms –  This is a very lucrative space that can help in boosting your home’s value with a relatively low construction cost. The bathroom compliments a room’s beauty and should designed in details, which we do.
  • Entertainment Rooms – More and more families are realizing the potential of an entertainment room that features game space, a library, or a mini-theatre.
 At the end of the day, your home is where you go to recharge your batteries, unplug from the world and spend cherished memories with those closest to you.  You should be proud of every minute detail, room and structure of your property.  Our ambition to help meet and exceed all of your aspirations in achieving functionality and comfort.

At Beresheet Construction and Design we are honored and passionate in the pursuit of these goals every time a client puts this responsibility in our hands.

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